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Nine lessons developed for "From the Land to the Lake" aim to develop upper elementary and middle school students' historical perspective and promote a cultural and geographical understanding of the Champlain Valley. To this end, many lessons make use of the primary source materials, available in the Resource Kit. All lessons address the History and Social Sciences Standards outlined in Section 6 of Vermont's Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities (2000) [PDF]. Other Vermont State Standards addressed are noted in each lesson.

Use the menu at the right to navigate lessons by primary source material or view all. Items denoted by a check  are included in the Resource Kit. Items denoted by an eye  are excellent sources of illustrations, including artwork, photographs, advertisements, maps, charts and/or diagrams.

Materials which can be downloaded from the web include Microsoft Word documents [DOC] and Portable Document Format files [PDF]. PDF files are un-editable and open in Adobe Reader.

Educators interested in contributing to this section of "From the Land to the Lake" should contact Susan Peden, Education Program Coordinator, at speden@middlebury.edu or (802) 388.2117. Submissions and suggestions are welcome!